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The Internet

Last modified: 2019-09-24

Welcome to the Internet. To most of you this inter-connected network is already part of your life. Not to say: you may rely on it by using it for work, to connect with your friends and much more.

Crucial operations like power grids, public transportation or production workflows are based on Internet technologies.

What happens when this network is not available anymore? This might be a worst-case scenario, don't you think? In conclusion we should do everything to make it more secure, reliable and scalable so that we can use it safely in the present and in the future.

But there are some parties in that network which are working mainly on the basis of power, money and control. They do everything to spy on you, to control you or to guide you, most often with the purpose to sell you (more) or to gain control over your life. You might not even realize it in your daily life. Somehow it works like detectives, taking notes about your actions and handing them over to the not-evil parties which hired them. Surprisingly these detectives are not even humans, they are robots, or better say algorithms which work automatically and very effective. Sadly these algorithms are known to fail. A piece of computer code cannot make an emphatic decisions. What they do is to collect a lot of data about you and your life. They can draw maps on your social interaction and create lists of your interests.

This might be fine as long as you benefit from it. For this to happen, the algorithms have to be publicly documented and available. And first of all, you have to be able to decide if you want to be monitored or not.

The main issue is that companies pretend you have to agree to their Terms of Services in order to use their software. But those terms have to be ruled out by the society and not by the service providers.

As long as this kind of system has not been set up politically, you have the option simply not to use their offerings. Alternatively you can do everything to protect yourself.

It does not mean you have to wear a gun, but to wear a shield instead. In our tutorials you are going go learn how to set up those shields to protect yourself.

Author: Lioh Möller